Strategies For Finding Reliable International Statistics And Publications

Strategies For Finding Reliable International Statistics And Publications

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When: Wednesday, March 26
Time: 2:00 - 3:00 PM EST

Working with international statistics can be confusing, and managing user expectations without specialized training can be difficult. Government Information Librarian Amanda Wakaruk will share strategies for navigating users through the wealth of statistical resources made accessible through the World Bank's Open Data portal. You'll see what's new on the site, as well as sample lessons you can use to increase your patrons' data literacy.

Shana Wagger from World Bank Publications will model search and browse strategies for finding content in the World Bank eLibrary, which covers a wide range of global and regional topics such as climate change; energy; agriculture; health; education; gender equality; trade; emerging markets; infrastructure, and policy. Through these exercises, you'll see the many added-value tools and features eLibrary offers researchers and librarians.


Amanda Wakaruk, Government Information Librarian, University of Alberta

Shana Wagger, Manager of Technology and
e-Product Development, World Bank Publications


Devika Levy, Sales and Outreach Manager, World Bank Publications

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